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May 05, When pruning azaleas, you don’t need to worry about cutting back to a connecting branch. Azaleas will grow new branches from right below wherever you cut.

I gently shaped up the new growth on my azaleas several times.

Pruning to Rejuvenate. If you are pruning an azalea in order to rejuvenate the plant because it’s become spindly or sparse, locate three to five of the largest branches on the azalea bush.

Jun 03, Unlike other flowering plants, such as the hydrangea, azaleas don’t need yearly cutting back. (See my full post on Why and How to Prune Hydrangeas.) But could my plants benefit from being completely cut down? Older plants may have a number of tall branches which need to be eliminated.

Remove two or three of the tallest branches, taking care to cut back to a side branch which is heading in the desired direction. Cut close to a side branch, as stubs tend to die back to the side branch and leave dead wood which may become infected treefalling.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins. Dec 17, An azalea can become overgrown and leggy, and although rejuvenating pruning is beneficial, drastic measures, such as cutting the shrub down to 6 inches above the ground, can kill it.

The plant may also take up to 3 years to bloom again if you cut back the shrub that much. If you must take drastic measures, we recommend leaving 2 main branches at least 2 foot tall, and cutting back the other main branches 6 inches tall. When To Prune Azaleas Prune azaleas soon after they bloom in the spring or early summer. The perfect time is when spent flowers begin to discolor and shrivel.

Cutting them back in late summer, fall, or winter will remove flowerbuds and keep them from blooming. Jul 30, Jul 29, #3. Pruning azaleas. - The best time to prune azaleas is in early spring, before the plant puts out new growth. Although you'll be cutting off that year's blooms, it gives the plant the full growing season to fill out, and time for the new growth to mature before winter. Detailed instructions on how and when to properly prune your azalea bush.

Jun 19, How to Prune Azaleas. Here are a few quick & dirty tips on how to prune azaleas: Decide how high and how wide you want your shrub to be and then reach into the interior of your azalea and cut stems at varying heights.; Try to make all your cuts at a point where the.